ME 6105

Course Materials for Fall 2017


Motivation: Modeling and Simulation (M&S) have become important tools for analyzing and designing complex systems. Since mechanical engineers often serve as system integrators, it is important for them to be familiar with both the practical and theoretical foundations of modeling and simulation for systems design. This course addresses this need in an application independent fashion so that it appeals to ME students working in a broad range of domains.

Modeling of an entire Design Problem: In this course, we will expand the traditional focus of M&S courses by framing M&S in the context of decision-based design.  In engineering design, the goal is not to develop models that describe a system as accurately as possible (as in traditional sciences), but models that are as inexpensive as possible while still being adequate to support the design decisions.  In this course, the students learn about modeling and simulation in this unique context so that they can make appropriate modeling decisions based on economic cost and benefit considerations.

Assignments and Project:  Through assignments and a course project, the students gain practical experience applying the theory of modeling and simulation in the context of design of complex, multi-disciplinary systems. The students perform an entire simulation-based design study of a multi-disciplinary system, from requirements definition and modeling of the decision problem, through simulation and analysis of the results. The assignments are an important component of the course and allow students to customize the course contents to their individual interests: in the first assignment, the students define their own scope and application domain for all subsequent assignments. This makes the course attractive to students working in a broad range of disciplines including design, manufacturing, controls, and thermal systems.