People @ MBSEC


Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Chris Paredis
Room: MaRC 256
Tel.: +1 (404) 894-5613

ME6105 - Modeling & Simulation in Design, ME/ISyE4803 - Model-Based Systems Engineering

Professor Emeritus, PhD PE
Leon McGinnis
Room: ISyE 108
Tel.: +1 (404) 894-2312
Associate Director

ISyE 8803 - Model-Based Systems Engineering with SysML

Assistant Professor
Brian J. German
Room: Weber 313-A
Tel.: 404-385-3299
Aerospace Engineering

Research Areas:
Design and Systems Engineering Methods & Design Analysis Models for Aircraft Concept Studies

Principal Research Engineer GTRI
Carlee Bishop
Room: GTRI/ELSYS (Electronic Systems Laboratory)
Tel.: 404-407-6335

Professor of Economics
Christine P. Ries

Professor of Architecture
Godfried Augenbroe
Room: 265
Tel.: 404-894-1686
Research Areas:
Performance Concepts

Assistant Professor
Jason Brown
Room: 358B
Tel.: 404-385-2913
College of Architecture

Research Areas:
Integrated modeling of building physics and controls

Assistant Professor
John Haymaker
Tel.: 404-894-7101
College of Architecture

Assistant Professor
Julie Linsey
Room: MaRC 253
Tel.: 404-385-0106
CAE & DESIGN Mechanical Engineering

Research Areas:
Design Cognition, Engineering Design Theory and Methods, Engineering Innovation and Creativity, Design by Analogy/Bioinspired Design, and Engineering Education.

Assistant Professor
Jonathan Rogers
Tel.: 404-385-1600
Automation/Mechatronics Mechanical Engineering

Research Areas:
Automation/Mechatronics: Robotics, applied dynamics, computational automation, nonlinear control and estimation

Research Scientists

Senior Research Engineer Aerospace Systems Design Lab
Russell Peak
Room: 123
Tel.: 404-894-7572
Associate Director

Principal Research Engineer
Doug Bodner
Tel.: 404-894-2363
Tennenbaum Institute

Administrative Staff

Lynette McLeod
Room: MaRC 261
Tel.: 4048940413


William (Bill) Binder
Room: MaRC 264
Tel.: +1 (404) 894-8170
Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Research Areas:
Model-Based Systems Engineering, Value-Driven Design, Value of Information, Real Options Analysis

PhD Students

Timothy Sprock
Room: ISYE Main 115
Graduate Research Assistant

Research Areas:
Supply Chain Logistics: Design and Analysis

Masters Students

Hidekazu Kose
Room: MaRC 264
Tel.: +1 (404) 894-8170
Research Areas:
Model-Based Systems Engineering

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